Elvira Kalmar

Elvira Kalmar

Elvira Kalmar has collected her 20 years’ experience as an internal and external coach, organisation development and design professional developing non-profit organisations, start-ups, small and medium size businesses, multinational companies, and professional communities across Europe. She has chaired the Hungarian OD Association and the European Organisation Design Forum.

Together with Solutionsurfers® they have founded the Go Beyond Project to equip work (r)evolutionists, company leaders and HR professionals with the contemporary tools, skills and mind-set that are needed to lead organisations towards a journey of becoming more adaptive and flexible. The Native in Change course is her comprehensive interactive SF OD Training program available in English online.

Her consultancy work is value-driven, participative, appreciative, solution and resource focused. She lives in Budapest, Hungary but works Worldwide.

10:30 - 12:00

Work (r)Evolution- SF Organisation Design

90 minutes workshop

Evolution is the way how we adapt to change. Human systems, like organisations need to be able to adapt faster than ever in the recent years. How can we support them in re-thinking the work they do and how they are doing it with short, minimalistic, high impact, sustainable interventions? Join us to learn more about what is SF Organisation Design and how you can use your coaching skills on a larger scale.

We will be discovering via real life case examples some of the most important cornerstones of SF OD and reflect in interactive small group work on what tools you can use while Designing an SF OD Process.

You will take away from this session:

  • an understanding of what is SF OD
  • how you can design short, impactful, minimalistic processes for larger systems to achieve and live their preferred future
  • gain confidence using SF coaching skills in OD processes