Dr. Mark McKergow

Dr. Mark McKergow

Dr Mark McKergow is an international speaker, trainer, consultant, author, and director of the Centre for Solutions Focus at Work, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mark has written five books and dozens of articles on using Solution Focused ideas within organisational and coaching practice, including The Solutions Focus (with Paul Z Jackson) and Solutions Focus Working (with Jenny Clarke). His latest work is The Host Leadership Field Book (Solutions Books, 2019). Mark is widely known for his ability to connect complex ideas with simplicity in practice. He sits on the Editorial Boards of both the Journal of Systemic Therapies and the Journal of Solution Focused Brief Practice.

12:15 - 13:00

The Next Generation of Solution Focused Practice – in organisations?

45 minutes

My new book The Next Generation of Solution Focused Practice (Routledge, 2021) examines the latest developments in SF work in 1-1 settings (coaching, therapy etc). But what does it mean for SF work with teams, organisations and larger scale groups?

In this session I will briefly outline some key ideas from the ‘next generation’ before we discuss ways in which these developments might work in organizational settings. When we focus on description-building and the art-gallery metaphor, how might this translate into team coaching and OD settings? And what else might follow from this? Join me for an open conversation and please bring your ideas. The session will be accessible whether you have read the book, bought it and not yet read it, seen it, or never seen it at all.