Daniel Meier

Daniel Meier

Daniel Meier is a Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) with more than 4000 Coaching hours. He is owner and co-founder of Solutionsurfers® - one of the world most leading institute for the solution-focused coaching approach. All this started in Switzerland about 20 years ago and nowadays you can find Solutionsurfers® in 11 countries on three continents. Daniel trained more than 3500 Coaches in the Solution-focused coaching method worldwide and wrote several books on this topic eg. Teamcoaching with the SolutionCircle or Logbook Coaching which were translated in about 10 different languages.

09:30 - 10:15

A peek into the future? Learning the SF Approach over a self-learning platform

45 minutes workshop

The big question in the beginning was: Is it possible to learn the ideas and the instruments of the solution focused approach over a digital learning platform? This was one of our big challenges of the last month. One of the most regarded universities worldwide, the ETH Zurich asked us to create a SF Collegial Coaching program for their around 11’000 employees. This was part of their cultural change and leadership initiative. They had the idea to provide this program fully online – but not as a series of online workshops. What they had in mind was a accompanied self-learning course. 100 participant should be able to go through the program in one go.

In this session we’d like to present how we created this program, what kind of thoughts, doubts, insights we had and what we’ve learned from the first execution – and maybe also interesting – what the participants could learn and implement. You can get a peek into the learning platform and how we have structured it. And last but not least, we hope we can share our experiences about how these digital formats for self-learning can spread the solution-focused approach even better?

We hope that the participants get inspired to discover more new ways to run workshops, we hope they will have some fun together and some insightful discussions as well.