Chris Iveson

Chris Iveson

Chris, co-founder of the London-based BRIEF, is a coach, therapist and trainer with twenty years of public sector management experience before moving entirely to BRIEF in 1995. He is passionate about Solution Focused Practice in all its forms and passionate about imparting the oh-so-simple skills to others. He and his two co-founders, Harvey Ratner and Evan George, have written many books and articles about the approach and done much to shape its development around the world. One of Chris’s greatest achievements was to run (because of a misunderstanding) a two-day workshop for 40 social workers and 40 Western Australian mining managers. The success of this workshop cemented his view that SF can go anywhere and everywhere. Chris and Susanne jointly published the booklet “Team Talk: Building Excellence with Solution Focused Skills”.

10:30 - 12:00

Team Talk – the secret sauce for effective collaboration

90 minutes workshop

The way teammates talk to each other matters more now than ever before: Organisations, public and private sectors alike, now operate in a context of constant and unpredictable change with workplace stress increasingly becoming the norm.

Teams are expected to make spot-on decisions, increase speed, work autonomously and collaborate effectively. To achieve this, team members need to be able to speak from the heart and build trusting relationships on a peer-to-peer level, while at the same time producing excellent outcomes quickly.

Chris and Susanne will open their treasure chest widely and share tips and tricks from six decades of experience in coaching, training, mentoring and consulting teams at all levels of organisations. This will be an extremely practical workshop, focusing on well-tried and tested solution-focused skills adaptable to every team and workplace. Please bring your own questions and cases.

Whether you are a coach, team leader, member, scrum master or product owner: Join this workshop, because what you will learn in it will double your effectiveness in building excellent teams and improving the way of work in your organization.

Learning outcomes:

  • Meet the skills of “Team Talk” and take the most useful ones home with you
  • Learn new and effective SF methods to give teams direction and strengthen their relationships
  • Find out how to decrease online-meeting stress and zoom-fatigue
  • What are the three things you need to address in an effective team-coaching?